Mister Classic 2010

The MiSTER CLASSiC old timer tournament set off from Sopron for the sixth time in order to invite competitors whishing for special experiences to have a rendezvous in most beautiful scenery of Western-Hungary and Burgenland. Competitors as required put on their unique cars and challenged the old-new relationship. The temptation worked well this year again, during the two-day outstanding tour man and time, experience and expectation made a special harmony while nature and techniques made a unity.

According to the tournament’s call both old timers and young timers stood up at the start and for the first time this year ( probably not for the last) new vehicles were allowed to enter, since Ferrari Owners Club Hungary were among the invited entities and was represented by large numbers of members. The new comer Ferraris and the old brands made an outstanding picture already in the premises of the practice on Friday morning.

On the fifth and at the same time the last chapter Oldtimer Supercup™ anything might happen regarding the best places. So it was much to lose or win and the leading field had prepared for the competition hard. We always kept that in mind that’s why we sent the competitors on their way with an itiner of achievable but typical MiSTER CLASSiC tasks, and in the traditional good atmosphere and happiness.

The route as a partly familiar partner supported the competition but the in new motorway trial in Szeleste the MC’s field was the first to occupy the phase. According to the ancient etiquette first the seniors (oldtimers), then the youth (young timers), and finally the new comers (Ferraris) drove through the phase.

As we all are different the occupation of the phase was carried out in different ways. Some did it gently and elegantly...

while the others had the Hungarian Asphalt’s naughty body determined and hard .....

After the special joys everybody wished for a rest, filling up with bio-fuel and of course sharing the personal experiences in a chat. All that took place in Danubius Health Spa Resort ****Bük in order that the competitors could survive the speed until the evening. It was slowly getting dark when the field arrived in Sopron.

Next day the contestants were awaited by new challenges. Those who had stayed up late could see not only the stars ... because there were extremely much to see.

The weather of the first days of October was a great partner during the event, the real pleasure-ride might be disturbed only by the 1/100 tasks and the text messages reporting about probable dissatisfactory results. But the field kept going and never stopped until they reached Stegersbach where we enjoyed the hospitality and kitchen of the five-star Balance Resort for the third time this year. The experienced participants already knew that this place offers the highest culinary enjoyments so they rushed to have their roué-book stamped in the time-registration that was set in one of hotel rooms.

Leaving the five-star experiences behind the driver, the navigator and the car had to be united again into one. The last element of the prim number series was quite difficult to produce especially when secret and unexpected tasks were ahead.

Having covered more than 500 km within two days the field reached Sopron Alphapark. This time the results were slightly suspected but competitors still could not take them for granted. No wonder everybody was excited as the tournament decided the champion of 2010 Oldtimer Szupercup™ and the distribution of the glorious start numbers from 1 to 10 for the next year’s season.

In Hotel Fagus **** that has been functioning as the competition centre for five years the results (belinkelni) were published after the gala dinner had been over. MiSTER CLASSiC is a FIVA B qualified competition in which the victory went to Marosi György and Marosiné Vincze Ágota (Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1,6 – 1973) in Fiva G category, while in FIVA F category was won by Erdélyi Zoltán and Erdélyi Zoltánné Csilla (Jaguar 420 Sovereign – 1968).

In the whole-year round competition the prize went to the JaCiVo team whose members are Dr. Ladányi Tamás – Kováts Balázs (Citroen DS 23i Pallas – 1973), Tajthy Attila – Janoczky Mónika (Volvo Amazon Gt - 1966), Erdélyi Zoltán - Erdélyi Zoltánné Csilla (Jaguar 420 Sovereign – 1968)

In Youngtimer category Kiss Norbert – Varga Attila (Mercedes-Benz 280 E – 1977) took this year’s special cup.

In the Ferrari category the bright red cups will be shining in Zámbó Attila – Kovács Miklós(Ferrari Mondial, 1993) cupboards.

The ‘home competition’ of Ferrari Owners Club Hungary was won by Kulcsár Tibor – Turbucz Erika (Ferrari California – 2009) on the bases of the brut results.

The net scores resulted in the victory of Péter Attila - Karikás Tamás (Ferrari 430 Scuderia – 2007)

The absolute winners of MiSTER CLASSiC 2010 tournament and the champions of this year’s Oldtimer Szupercup are Erdélyi Zoltán and Erdélyi Zoltánné Csilla (Jaguar 420 Sovereign – 1968)

We again are grateful for the participation, for the support from our partners (belinkelni partnerekhez) and we congratulate to the winners.

Let’s meet next year on MiSTER CLASSiC on 23-24 September 2011!

Pétervári Zoltán main organizer