MC 2011 Report

What a.., what an earth ...., what an earth is that? A complicated, rather, impulsive monologue like that usually indicates the beginning of an ugly pub-fight ... But not in our case, fortunately. It was just one of the spectators’ spontaneous reactions after having glimpsed at the old-timers and sports cars arriving at MiSTER CLASSiC 2011 tournament.

In chronology it was the eighth, regarding the place the seventh MiSTER CLASSiC in Sopron with about 60 car-wonders entries. Except for a couple of vehicles that had dropped out, the field took a start from Lővér Camping on 23 September in order to cover about 500 km in a two-day tournament and arrive back tired but full of great experiences at the finish in Alpha park near Sopron.

And what about the reaction of the participants in three words with similar emotions? Wow! Wow! Wow! The first wow went to the bright and shiny weather, the unbelievably attracting Indian summer that the main Organiser had promised in advance.

The second wow went to the amazing route, the breathtaking landscape that was created by the director of the tournament, Majosházi Péter, taking everybody by surprise.

While the third ‘wow’ went to the perfect organization and great atmosphere, the unforgettable memories that make MC2011 an event of a life-time.

We can’t complain about the number of tasks, things to see and experiences to go through within the two days. After a certain practice the 1/100 second tasks did not seem to be such big challenges, on the other hand the organizers had ensured the participants of a ‘not-too-difficult’ tournament. And the results spoke to themselves: only 1 and 0 results were to win the phases (in most cases in a tie).

Itinerary-based navigation was easy even for the new participants, and everybody could find the spot of the ‘tea’, the Danubius Hotel in Bük, already on the first day. The fans of culinary enjoyments looked forward to Stagersbach Balance Resort Hotel, the Saturday’s lunch place... or they dropped in for a running moment? Anyway, it also started a tradition, on the TC set up in room 116.

Participants were driving in Hungary and in Austria, coped with serpentines...( some happened to lack brakes...), and flew through mysterious forest paths...

... not to mention the Pannonia Ring, where both old timers, and mainly FOC-hunting Ferraris ( Ferrari Owners’ Club Hungary) enjoyed the opportunities of the closed competition route. And what could you hear and see there? Not more than: ‘wrum-wrumm-wrummm’.

Like this:

Or like that:

And like it, but very seriously..

The awarding ceremony took place in Hotel Fagus that traditionally worked as the tournament centre. Despite the simplicity of the tasks the phase awards went to different participants. The most astonishing as well the most brilliant results are worth mentioning, as the Pásztor Tamás- Bata Éva double made a 0,0 double section result in a 1964 Fiat 2300S Abarth Coupe, that means they managed to fulfil the double phase with 1/100 second accuracy.

In a Ferrari 458 Italia the Péter Attila-Karikás Tamás double collected only 10 points in a triple, which had never happened before. (it is peerless in FOC category).

While the most surprising result was carried out by Farkas Zoltán-Mészáros Margit in a 1970 Opel GT with 7 points in a triple. And in what way: 0,0,7 penalty points!

This James Bond-like result was expected from the main sponsor, Arteus Capital group, Varga Zoltán - Völgyi Péter in the Aston Martin... OK, not in an old timer Aston, and in a DB5, in a DB9. Just to mix up the numbers they also completed a 0, despite being newcomers, and right on the phase 1.

MC FAV (MiSTER CLASSiC FAVOURITE) victory, the oldest cars’ category was taken by Berta István – Kovács Béla in a 1942 Willys Jeep.

In the Young timers’ competition Szerencsés Árpád – Virág Ádám took the first place competing in a Volvo 780.

Team A was awarded the placket in team category, with the members of Vavra Zoltán- Sándor Fruzsina, Simkovics Miklós- Giczy Tünde, Farkas Zoltán – Mészáros Margit.

In the Ferrari Owners’ Club Special Category the third place went to Péter Attila – Karikás Tamás (Ferrari 458 Italia, 2011), the second place was gained by Zámbó Attila – Németh Márk/Klam Márta (Ferrari Mondial, 1993) while the Challenge Cup holds the names of Csicsmann Viktor – Tokaj Gergely who performed the best in a 1970 year Ferrari Dino 246 GT.

The best ones of the Super Category are: the third placed Prisztavok Tamás – Szikszay Attila (Mercedes-Benz 280 C,1975), the second placed Viszkok Pál –Medvegy Mária (Ford Mustang 1968), and the gold medallist Farkas Zoltán – Mészáros Margit (Opel GT, 1970), who finished on the third place in the complex Extra Category with that score.

The second place in Extra Category went to Gál István – Lukács László in an 1957 year Porsche 356 A. The gold medallists of Extra Category and the winner of MiSTER CLASSiC 2011 are Ilkovits Ádám – Kemenes Csilla (VW Bogár, 1965) who have been gold medallist four times this year.

And finally what can the main Organizer say in three words? Next year again! (See’ya next year!)