About the event

This year MiSTER CLASSiC™ is organised between 11 and 12 October as the fourth, that is the last tournament of the Oldtimer Supercup™. After eight years the centre of tournament is now trans-located from Sopron to Bükfürő probably for a similarly long period. The new locale is not accidental. Bükfürdő – the bath and sports city of the Low Alps – is an ideal spot moreover the city and its mayor Mr. Németh Sándor made the organisers sure of a long-term support.

The registration and the Saturday award ceremony is held in HOTEL CARAMELL**** Hungary’s first holistic spa- and wellness hotel, functioning as the headquarters of the tournament. Already by entering the place the competitors may feel having arrived in an exceptional environment. HOTEL CARAMELL was built and set up considering the basic principles of Feng Shui.

Hopefully the hotel’s atmosphere will help the competitors get prepared, the holisticly defined harmony of Body, Soul and Spirit which in terms of MiSTER CLASSiC will be interpreted as Car, Driver and Navigator. Via the traditional Western-Hungarian and Austrian routes a great atmosphere, exclusive boarding and organisers’-like fun and surprises can be expected.