About the event

Participants of the 12th MiSTER CLASSIC started out from an exclusive scenery to take the last competition of Oldtimer Supercup in the season. The summer entrance of Bük Spa seemed to be an ideal place for the start, and possibly it could be used by the competitors next year as well.

The first day’s 170 km distance was interrupted just in the right time by an extremely fine afternoon tea, after a special task had been carried out at Casino Sopron. After the triple task that had been hard to accomplish for many participants an original, excellent Italian gastro-tour took place in the Restaurant Solo.

Participants returned for a rest after the first day’s hard competition at Hotel CARAMELL, the official accommodation of the event. The first night was made even more enjoyable by the organizers giving a candle-lit wellness and sauna party.

The ones who felt like whirling on – both themselves and the roulette ball – could do it easily in the mini casino set up on the premises on the courtesy of Casino Sopron.

The second day proved to be even more exhausting with its 250 km route on the always-amazing Austrian roads.

Before the finish participants stopped to carry out a task in Vasszécseny, at the Új-Ebergény Castle Hotel.

The winners of the team competition are the ‘Soproniak’, from left Csiszér Botond-Csiszér Zsombor (Porsche 911, 1977), Kiss Norbert-Balogh Emese (BMW 3.0 CSI, 1975), Gangl Andrea-Kelemen Tamás (MG A, 1960)

In ‘Open’ category the silver medalists are Kuglicz Ákos-Molnár Szandra (MG B 1974) on the left, the gold medalists Kassai-Márkus Noémi - Kassai Tamás (Mercedes Benz 22 Coupe 1964) in the middle and the bronze medalists Hada Veronika – Vaszilko Balázs (Volkswagen TYP 181 Kübelwagen 1968) on the right.

The ‘Szuper’ category ‘s medalists are: the gold medalists Cselényi József-Cselényi Anna (Mercedes-Benz 190 SL, 1960) in the middle, the silver medalists Janzer Szonja – Janzer György (VAZ Zsiguli 2101, 1972) on the right, and the bronze medalists Tóth Gábor- dr Gerges Gábor (Mercedes Benz 450 SL, 1973) on the left.

This year’s MiSTER CLASSiC tournament’s winner is Erdélyi Csilla – Erdélyi Zoltán, with the entering number 100, owners of ‘Mesterhármas’ award, (Jaguar 420 Sovereign, 1968), on the left of the photo the silver medalists Cselényi József-Cselényi Anna (Mercedes-Benz 190 SL, 1960) and the bronze medalists Janzer György - Janzer Szonja (VAZ Zsiguli 2101, 1972) on the right.

After the award ceremony and the Bols Hungary tasting a story Party took place in which not only the main organizer did fly but also an albino Batman did appear. But this is something only the ones may know who happened to be around.....

Despite the picture you see all cars keep the same direction as they know they will meet again at MiSTER CLASSIC in Bükfürdő in 2015.